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About Alexa, Founder

My journey in holistic care started with my university experience in environmental science in Bellingham, Washington. I then spent a year traveling the country by van, where my attention honed in on self-care and bodywork. Upon landing back home and working as a barista, I stumbled into a massage therapy program in Seattle at Discoverypoint School of Massage. What started as a peripheral curiosity quickly transformed into a career and a journey I continue to enthusiastically learn and grow on.

The massage and bodywork community has provided me with so much support and purpose. And through receiving quality, thoughtful massage myself, I was shown again and again that I, and all of us, are worthy of care. For context, I spent much of my young adult life processing and recovering from trauma, eating disorders, and damaging relationships with my body and the people around me. So this level of care wasn’t something I was always familiar with or practiced in.

Massage therapy and bodywork have shown me the importance of filling my own cup before pouring into others. I’ve shown my nervous system that I am on her side.

I spent the first four years of my practice employed in a diversity of environments – chiropractic and treatment massage clinics, high-end spas, and small local businesses. I also now teach massage at Discoverypoint School of Massage in Seattle.

In my free time, I enjoy gardening, playing and listening to music, dancing, hiking, climbing, running, weightlifting, reading, drawing, practicing Spanish, jigsaw puzzles, comedy, horror, cooking, and baking.

My Mission

My mission is to provide enthusiastically consensual, transformational, deeply relaxing bodywork for folks seeking to connect with and care for themselves, practice living in loving support of their minds and bodies, and the interplay between them.

My Values













Education and Training

Bachelor in Environmental Science through Western Washington University 2014
Washington State Massage Therapist License through Discoverypoint School of Massage 2018
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist Certification through Klose Training 2020
Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM 2022
License Number WA#60852411