1) How much weight can your massage table support?

– My practice space has a strong hydraulic table, the table is tested to support up to 450 pounds. I can guarantee that the table has comfortably supported at least 350 pounds in the past.

2) Is your practice space handicap accessible?

– No. My practice space is up a flight of stairs, and there is no elevator in the building. If you have accessibility needs that are not met by my practice space, I am happy to discuss working with you in your home or another location where you can be comfortably accommodated.

3) Is your practice space scent free?

– No. The yoga studio (attached to my practice space) AND the massage studio sometimes use aromatherapy tools including essential oils and smoke. However, the large windows in the practice space are kept open between each appointment and the space is well-ventilated. If you are sensitive to scents, please let your therapist know prior to your appointment.

4) What are you doing to keep clients safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

– Masks are required by therapist and client at all times in the massage studio*. Alexa is fully vaccinated and boosted against the COVID-19 virus. The studio is well-ventilated and windows are kept open between sessions and during sessions, as weather permits. There is a minimum of 30 minutes between clients to allow for adequate ventilation. *While face down on the massage table, clients have the option to lower their masks – in this case, a pillow case will serve as a “makeshift mask.”


5) I’m disabled – my disability(/ies) make it difficult or impossible for me to get on a massage table and / or receive work in a traditional way. Can we work together?


– I’m happy to meet you where you’re at! My studio is NOT handicap accessible, but working in together in your own home is a wonderful way to address mobility or other needs. We can work from a chair, your couch, or your bed, wherever you are able to most effectively and comfortably relax and receive.

Effective Date:  This Agreement was last updated on August 18th, 2022

External Policies

With their health history form at the first appointment, new clients will sign a HIPPA disclosure form, as well as a policy statement, as such:

Health and medical history:

I have listed (or will list) all of my known medical conditions and physical limitations in the forms provided to me. I will inform the massage therapist of any change in my physical health between massage sessions. I understand that a massage therapist must be aware of any and all existing physical conditions that I have in order to provide a safe and appropriate massage. I further understand that a massage therapist neither diagnoses nor prescribes for illness, disease, or any other medical, physical, or emotional disorder; nor performs any thrusting joint or spinal manipulations or adjustments. I am responsible for consulting a qualified primary care provider for any physical ailment that I may have. I agree to communicate with my massage therapist throughout and at any time during the massage as needed so that the massage I receive is specifically designed and individually adjusted for my health and well-being.


I understand that my information will be kept private in accordance with state and federal laws and HIPAA regulations. I have the option of signing a release that allows the massage therapist to discuss my treatment – but only with other medical professionals, and only when necessary.


I understand that fees are due in advance or at the time of service. Rates for services are subject to change, and will be posted and communicated clearly prior to the beginning of each session. 


Insurance is not available for sessions at this time. Clients may request a receipt for full payment and request reimbursement from insurance independently.

Cancellations and late arrivals:

I agree to arrive on time or slightly early for my scheduled appointments. I agree to give 24 hours notice if I must cancel an appointment. The first session canceled with less than 24 hours notice or no-show will be charged 50% of the session fee. The second and subsequent sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice or no-show will be charged 100% of the session fee. The third no-show will results in a termination of the therapeutic relationship. Appointments may be rescheduled as availability permits. If I arrive late (10 minutes or more), I will be allowed to use the remainder of the scheduled appointment time, although I will be charged for the full amount of time scheduled. If I arrive for my session and need to shorten the scheduled appointment, I agree to pay the full price of the appointment time I had prior scheduled – UNLESS I give at least 24 hours notice to my therapist to change the length of the scheduled session. For instance: If a 90 minute session is booked, and I arrive day of and need to shorten the appointment to 60 minutes, I must pay the price of the 90 minute session which has been blocked out in my therapist’s scheduled.

Comfort and Safety:

My sense of safety and comfort is extremely important to my massage therapist. Per Washington state law: all clients will be offered appropriate, safe, and modest draping at all times. My therapist will undrape only the area being worked on at any given time; I may request that work be done through draping or clothing if I choose. I understand that massage and other forms of bodywork do not include any form of touch or manipulation of genitalia or breast tissue. I further understand that my breasts and genitalia (all genders, unless mandatory paperwork is reviewed and signed) will be draped at all times during the massage.


It is my choice to receive massage therapy. I realize that whatever treatment I receive is being offered for the well – being of my body and mind. My goals may include some or several of the following: stress reduction; relief from muscular tension, spasm or pain; recovery or rehabilitation from injury; emotional release and recovery from trauma; improving immune response, circulation, physical performance, ease of movement, or energy flow. My goals are my goals, and I will work with my therapist to achieve them, both during and between sessions. I agree to communicate with my practitioner any time I feel like my well-being is being compromised, or that my goals are not being addressed. I may express any relevant feedback during my session; discomfort, joy, emotions, physical sensations, revelations. I may also pause or end the session at any time.

Substance use:

I understand that I will not be treated if I appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances at the time of treatment. I will arrive ready for my session: clean, free of tobacco smoke, and I will refrain from wearing perfumes or heavy scents.

Right of Refusal:

Alexa Peden, LMT – or any other affiliate of Alexa Peden Massage & Bodywork – reserves the right to refuse services for reasons of safety or impropriety, or in the event that a client’s needs exceed the scope of practice for massage therapy as defined by WA state law. Grounds for dismissal include displaying inappropriate behavior (deemed inappropriate by my therapist,) bullying, or language that misalignd with the business’s values.